NatLaw is proud to announce its participation in the University of Arizona, James E. Roger’s College of Law Permanent Externship Program. These externships have been approved as individual courses and have the same faculty and field supervisors each semester. Each permanent externship has its own course number, listing and description that do not change. NatLaw’s permanent externships appears in the Arizona Law course catalog as LAW 693 section 13.

Students must apply for NatLaw’s permanent externships in accordance with the procedures below and also provided in the course description. Before registering for the course, students must get permission to enroll from the faculty and field supervisors.

Units: 1 – 3 units (based on student preference)

Grade Basis: Pass/Fail

Duration: One full semester (Fall or Spring), or Summer with the possibility of re-enrolling and completing a second externship if desired and approved by supervisors. Number of units of the externship must be agreed upon by the student, faculty, and NatLaw supervisor in advance of the student registering for the course. Externs must agree to a schedule that allows them to complete the requisite number of hours required per unit (50) for the number of units they wish to enroll in during the externship. NatLaw will accept requests for 1 – 3 units; however, these requests will be evaluated based on the current needs of NatLaw. To maintain work continuity, externs will be expected to be in the office at least once per week throughout the externship (exceptions can be discussed).

Law School Faculty Supervisors:

Dr. Boris Kozolchyk

Evo DeConcini Professor of Law at Arizona Law

NatLaw Founder


Dr. Marek Dubovec

Professor of Practice at Arizona Law

NatLaw Executive Director


NatLaw Supervisor:

Adalberto Elias
Supervising Research Attorney

Organization Description: The Kozolchyk National Law Center (NatLaw) is a non-profit institution that works to enable sustainable economic development and trade worldwide through commercial law reform, research and education. NatLaw works closely with public and private sector entities and developing countries to perform comparative-commercial law research, draft civil and common law commercial statutes, treaties and model laws, and train legislators, judges, law professors and students, practicing lawyers and business professionals. Natlaw provides consulting services to clients such as USAID, the U. S. Department of State, the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation and the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. Through these projects, NatLaw works beyond the Americas and has assisted with commercial law reform and research in numerous countries throughout Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Externship Description: NatLaw’s externship provides students interested in international and commercial law and economic development an opportunity to assist the NatLaw team perform research for a variety of projects and reports. Externs can expect to be given research and writing assignments that cover areas of commercial law, often in a specific country or region of the world. These assignments will then be incorporated into larger project reports, providing students the opportunity to collaborate with NatLaw’s research attorneys and other interns/externs and consultants, and to see how their work was used to produce a final deliverable for a client. Externs will be given advice and feedback on their research techniques and writing. Research topics and the length of assignments will vary depending on the current projects of NatLaw. However, externs will have an opportunity at the beginning of the semester to express their topics of interest or experience and, if possible, NatLaw will assign externs projects that align with these interests.

Learning Objectives: Externs can expect to gain experience in various areas of commercial law, both domestic and international, improve their research and writing skills, and gain some insight into the area of economic development.

Application: Students must submit the following to Chikezie Anachu at to be considered for an externship:

  • Cover Letter – must include relevant coursework and experience as it relates to the work of NatLaw (commercial/business law, whether domestic or international)
  • Resume/CV
  • Writing Sample (no longer than 10 pages, double spaced)
  • Unofficial Transcripts

Fluency in a second language should be noted in the cover letter. Applications for Spring semester externships will be accepted as early as November and will be reviewed up until the start of the Spring semester if no candidate has previously been chosen. Applications for Summer externships will be accepted as early as March and will be reviewed up until the end of the Spring Semester if no candidate has previously been chosen. Applications for Fall semester externships will be accepted as early as April and will be reviewed up until the start of the Fall semester if no candidate has previously been chosen. Depending on the current workload of NatLaw, multiple candidates may be considered for the same semester.

Additional Details: To learn more about the work of NatLaw, visit or email Chikezie Anachu at