Dr. Dubovec's Recent Publication Receives International Recognition

Key Staff: 

Dr. Dubovec's recent publication, The Law of Securities, Commodities and Bank Accounts: The Rights of Accounts Holders, was recently reviewed by Dr. N. Orkun Akseli, a Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law at the Durham University Law School, in the Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation (J.I.B.L.R. 2016, 31(1), 54-55). Dr. Akseli called Dr. Dubovec’s publication “a thought provoking technical book written with a considerable insight into secured transactions law” and said that “Dr. Dubovec’s careful elucidation and comparative analysis of the policy problems inherent in the law of securities, commodities and bank accounts is to be commended to all those with an interest in this field.” The full review can be found on WestLaw or LexisNexis at J.I.B.L.R. 2016, 31(1), 54-55. Dr. Dubovec’s book is available for purchase through Edward Elgar Publishing here or through Amazon here. To order an E-Book go to www.ebooks.com or click here.