On October 19, 2018, NatLaw’s Executive Director, Dr. Marek Dubovec delivered a lecture on “The Future of Transnational Commercial Law: Emerging Topics, Coordination and Work Methods” at the Transnational Commercial Law Teachers Conference held at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Professors Teresa Rodríguez de las Heras Ballell and Jorge Feliu Rey hosted the conference, which featured presentations on the intersection between transnational commercial law and new technologies. Legal scholars and academics from across the world attended, including Prof. Herbert Kronke (former UNIDROIT Secretary General), Prof. Ignacio Tirado (current UNIDROIT Secretary General), and Prof. Louise Gullifer of Oxford University. Dr. Dubovec’s lecture identified a number of focus areas for further scholarship in the field of secured transactions reforms, such as electronic warehouse receipts, intermediated securities, prudential regulation, and immovable assets, and elaborated on the need for further research in these areas.