On September 11, 2018, NatLaw’s Executive Director, Dr. Marek Dubovec, delivered a presentation on the perspective of the private sector at a UNIDROIT international consultation event on the Mining, Agriculture and Construction (MAC) Protocol to the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment. The event, which focused on the scope of the future MAC Protocol, was sponsored by the Commercial Law Centre at Oxford University as well as UNIDROIT, and was held at the Harris Manchester College, Oxford. It featured presentations from Sir Roy Goode, Professor Anna Veneziano (Deputy Secretary-General, UNIDROIT), Mr. William Brydie Watson (Legal Officer, UNIDROIT), and other experts. Dr. Dubovec’s presentation discussed the origins, structure, and activities of the MAC Working Group, as well as the projected economic impact of the MAC Protocol. It is estimated that the adoption and implementation of the MAC Protocol will generate tens of billions of dollars in increased access to credit for developing and developed nations.