On March 26, 2015, Dr. Boris Kozolchyk, President and Executive Director of the National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade (NatLaw) and Evo DeConcini Professor of Law at the James E. Rogers College of Law, presented his “Report on the Harmonization of Commercial Law in the Transpacific Region.”  This Report was based upon the presentations and discussions of the Second Pacific-Rim Colloquium on Economic Development and the Harmonization of Commercial Law (Colloquium) that took place in Shanghai, China from January 8-10, 2015.  

The Colloquium was organized by NatLaw and included representatives from Law Schools and the public and private sectors of Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, the United States and Vietnam. Participants of this Colloquium engaged in a meaningful exchange of information and ideas on the creation of unified or harmonized legal institutions crucial to free and fair trade and investment on both sides of the Pacific Ocean in the “key areas” of: Simplified Business Associations, Secured Transactions, Electronic Warehouse Receipts, Debtor Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy, and Electronic Commerce.  

Dr. Kozolchyk’s presentation included a summary of the Colloquium discussions and explained the goals and next steps in each of the “key areas” moving forward.  Afterwards, students and professor had a meaningful exchange of dialogue filled with questions and answers.

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