On November 19, 2018, NatLaw’s Executive Director, Dr. Marek Dubovec, was a guest speaker on best practices in developing a collateral registry at the 6th APEC Financial Infrastructure Development Network (FIDN) conference, held in Manila, Philippines. The 6th FIDN conference, which featured speakers from across the member economies of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) Forum, leveraged the regional platform created in 2015 by the APEC Finance Ministers in collaboration with the private sector – the Financial Infrastructure Development Network (FIDN) – to assist member economies in designing the legal and institutional frameworks that govern MSMEs’ access to finance. In particular, the conference examined the prospects of enhanced access to credit for MSMEs in the Philippines after the recent passage of the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA), as well as the challenges that may hamper the uptake of the PPSA. Dr. Dubovec’s presentation highlighted the key features of best practice collateral registry models, as contemplated by the UNCITRAL instruments on secured transactions.