On April 8-9 2019, NatLaw participated in the 3rd Workshop on Best Practices in the Field of Electronic Registry Design and Operation organized by the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT) in Rome, Italy. The workshop was co-sponsored by Oxford University’s Commercial Law Centre and the Global Business Law Institute at the University of Washington School of Law. It featured discussions on best practices and critical performance factors for electronic commercial registries, as well as an analysis of the causes of success or failure of voluntary electronic registration systems. Attendees at the workshop included academics, industry professionals, legal scholars, and lawyers. Dr. Marek Dubovec, NatLaw’s Executive Director, and Mr. Bob Trojan, NatLaw’s Senior Advisor, represented NatLaw at the workshop. Dr. Dubovec led the discussions on Best Practices for Electronic Collateral Registries with the goal to develop a framework to establish and evaluate best practices in electronic registration, both as a guide to registrars and those involved in such registration, especially in the context of various risks that may affect the registrar’s liability.