NatLaw’s Founder and President, Dr. Boris Kozolchyk, is slated to deliver an online seminar on international commercial law to the Universidad Mayor School of Law in Santiago, Chile, on November 14, 2017. The seminar marks the conclusion of an agreement between the Universidad Mayor, Editorial Juridica Santiago, and West Academic Publishing for the publication of a Spanish language translation of Dr. Kozolchyk’s groundbreaking text: “Comparative Commercial Contracts: Law, Culture and Economic Development (Hornbook).” The book seeks to facilitate the teaching and study of the law of commercial contracts by comparing judicial structures and systems, as well as cultural contexts, and their contribution to the economic development of nations. Additionally, the text promotes the innovative teaching methodology implemented by Dr. Kozolchyk in several universities worldwide, and the exclusive research method used by all who have participated in NatLaw’s scholarly activities over the past 25 years. Universidad Mayor, which previously awarded Dr. Kozolchyk a Doctor Honoris Causa, currently hosts a center for commercial law research affiliated with NatLaw. The seminar details and agenda are available here.

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