NatLaw is pleased to announce the success of the the Second Pacific-Rim Colloquium on Economic Development and the Harmonization of Commercial Law held at the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics in Shanghai, China from January 8-10, 2015. 

The five topics that were covered at this monumental event were: 1.) Simplified Business Associations which involves the creation, registration, and reciprocal treatment of regional, creditworthy and simplified small business corporations (SBC) in the Pacific-Rim countries; 2.) Secured Transactions which involves the increase of access to secured financing for small and medium businesses at reasonable rates of interest; 3.) Debtor Rehabilitation which involves discussion on the law on the rehabilitation and discharge of insolvent debtors which remains to be written or is in its infancy in many of the participating Pacific Rim nations; 4.) Electronic Warehouse Receipts which discussed the advantages and pitfalls of negotiable electronic warehouse receipts. At a time when trade and investment in Pacific Rim nations increasingly involves agricultural commodities, reliance on such receipts will be decisive in developing regional or national commodity exchanges for spot and futures trading as well as for transnational secured lending; and 5.) Electronic Commerce: The size of the recent public offering of ALI-BABA’s shares of stock in the New York Stock exchange illustrates the importance of electronic commerce rules in enabling transnational electronic commerce. This is particularly true for the Pacific Rim nations.

Please visit out Colloquium page here for more information and a summary of the event.