The Model Provisions on Secured Transactions for Intermediated Securities are intended to supplement the UNCITRAL Model Law on Secured Transactions. As the Introduction explains, the Model Law does not include within its scope interests in securities held with intermediaries and credited to securities accounts—intermediated securities.  For States that do not adopt the UNIDROIT (Geneva) Securities Convention, the Model Provisions fill this gap in the Model Law’s coverage. The Model Provisions are designed to be consistent with the other provisions of the Model Law and with the provisions of the Geneva Securities Convention. The Model Provisions are adaptable to secured transactions regimes that have not fully implemented the UNCITRAL Model Law or are based on other models.


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Model Provisions on Secured Transactions for Intermediated Securities


The Model Provisions will be updated from time to time based on comments received and continuing efforts to improve the text.  Comments and suggestions should be sent to:

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