The following Publications were written or contributed to by key members of the NatLaw Team.

Tue, 2016/10/04 - 13:51

Dr. Marek Dubovec contributed a Chapter for the publication Secured Transactions Law Reform: Principles, Policies and Practice, edited by Louise Gullifer and Orkun Akseli. This book engages with the challenges posed by inefficient secured credit laws and offers a comparative analysis of the reasons and the needs for a secured transactions law reform, as well as discussion of the steps taken in...

Thu, 2015/11/19 - 15:27

Dr. Marek Dubovec contributed a Chapter for the publication Research Handbook on Secured Financing in Commercial Transactions, edited by Frederique Dahan, Chief Counsel, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This cutting-edge Handbook presents an overview of research and thinking in the field of secured financing, examining international standards and best practices of...

Thu, 2015/11/19 - 14:22

Co-Authored By: Dr. Marek Dubovec, SJD, LLM, NatLaw Senior Research Attorney and Cyprian Kambili LLB Hons, LLM, Legal Specialist at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Lilongwe, Malawi. This book examines the Malawian Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) of 2013 that is based on the United Nations Commission of International Trade Law’s Legislative Guide on Secured Transactions.