NATLAW RUG E-Submit Services

The National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade (NatLaw) is pleased to announce the launch of its new NatLaw RUG E-Submit Services.  These services can be used by anyone who contemplates extending credit to Mexican borrowers or foreign borrowers with assets located in Mexico (and their legal representatives or agents) to file an initial registration, modification, cancellation or extension forms relating to a security interest (garantía mobiliaria) in the Registro Único de Garantías Mobiliarias of Mexico (RUG).  

The RUG is a section of the Mexican Public Registry of Commerce (Registro Público de Comercio) that registers forms relating to various types of security interests in movable (personal) property in Mexico. The Mexican Ministry of Economy (Secretaria de Economía), through an authorized certifying entity, has granted NatLaw the electronic signature required to complete these e-filings on behalf of third parties. Currently, NatLaw is the only institution outside of Mexico with this access and for a fee can complete the following filings within the RUG: 

  • Inscripción (initial registration of a security interest)
  • Aviso Preventivo (preliminary notice)
  • Modificación (amendment of an existing registration)
  • Transmisión (assignment of a security interest)
  • Rectificación por Error (amendment due to mistakes within existing registration)
  • Cancelación (cancellation of existing registration)

This service is limited to the e-filing of security interest information as provided by interested third parties. As such, all NatLaw services will be provided to third parties using form documents that directly replicate all fields available within the RUG’s electronic interface for each type of e-filing. Upon receipt of this completed form, NatLaw will enter this information into the RUG electronic interface exactly as it appears in the form document that will be completed by the USER when requesting such services.

For more information on our RUG E-Submit Services including articles, media posts, etc., visit our E-Submit Resources page.

Review the RUG E-Submit Instructions here to proceed. Should you have questions regarding the process or any issues making a payment, please email us at

NatLaw RUG E-Submit Fees:

Type of Registration Fee

Inscripción (initial registration of a security interest)

Aviso Preventivo (preliminary notice) $100.00
Modificación (amendment of an existing registration) $100.00
Transmisión (assignment of a security interest) $100.00

Rectificación por Error (amendment due to mistakes within existing registration)           

Cancelación (cancellation of existing registration) $100.00