1. Review all E-Submit processes and instructions below.

2. Download, review and sign the User Service Agreement. 

  • Signature must be an actual electronic signature or a scanned copy of the agreement that includes a hand-written signature (NatLaw will not accept typed signatures). 
  • All other required information must be legible.

3. Download, review and complete the appropriate fillable form that corresponds to the type of e-filing service you are requesting from the list below. If this is your first time using NatLaw E-Submit, you are required to complete an Acreedor Form for input into the RUG system and for NatLaw’s records.  Please submit this with your other forms in your initial email to NatLaw.

Type of Registration Required Form(s)
Inscripción (initial registration of a security interest)  Inscripción 
Aviso Preventivo (preliminary notice)  Aviso Preventivo
Modificación (amendment of an existing registration) Coming Soon
Transmisión (assignment of a security interest) Coming Soon
Rectificación por Error (amendment due to mistakes within existing registration) Coming Soon
Cancelación (cancellation of existing registration) Coming Soon
  • The forms provided by NatLaw replicate the electronic interface of the RUG exactly with matching form fields for all required and optional information.
  • Any information provided in forms will be transferred directly into the RUG and shall be true, accurate and complete.
  • Forms shall be completed electronically only and NatLaw will not accept non-electronic (hand-written) forms.
  • Forms are prepared in Spanish. Blanks should be completed in Spanish, but the RUG will accept the form with information provided in any language. As a courtesy, NatLaw has included an English translation of each field below the original Spanish text within each form. These translations are not official translations and should not be treated as such nor relied upon when determining what information should be entered into the forms.
  • All required information fields in the forms must contain some text to process any e-filing. NatLaw will not verify the accuracy or completeness of the information in these fields but will return the form if a required field is left entirely blank.
  • Certain fields are optional. At your discretion, these fields may either be completed or left blank.

4. Review payment schedule for the type of filing requested and complete corresponding payment via the provided direct NatLaw PayPal link. 

  • The NatLaw PayPal link will direct you to a secure external PayPal page directly connect to NatLaw’s account.
  • This page will allow you to pay by logging in to your PayPal account or by using credit card. 
  • Choose the appropriate payment option based on the e-filing type of service you are requesting.
  • Upon completing payment, PayPal will send you a confirmation receipt and proof of payment for your purchase amount. 

E-Filing Type


5. Return the following complete e-filing documents to NatLaw by email at aelias@natlaw.com with subject line “Re: RUG Services”.  Include in this email the text featured below in step 6.

6. Review and include the following text in the body of your email when submitting all documents to NatLaw for services.

  • I,     (insert name here)    , the legal representative or agent for   (third-party creditor name or myself if you are the creditor)     submit the attached completed form document for the type of e-filing security interest service indicated in such form for input into the electronic RUG system by NatLaw. I warrant that all information provided in this form is true, accurate and complete and that it and my actions are in compliance with the NatLaw’s Services Agreement (attached).  I further acknowledge that upon submission of this form, I give NatLaw the immediate authority to enter this information into the RUG. 

7. Upon email receipt of the submitted documents, within one business day, NatLaw will:

  • Verify that the Service Agreement is correctly completed.
  • Verify that proper payment has been made.
  • Verify that no required information fields have been left blank in the form document.
  • Verify that the required email text is included with your submission.

8. If all required forms have been correctly completed, NatLaw will provide an email confirmation of your complete form submission within one business day.  NatLaw will input your form information into the RUG system within two business days of the receipt of your original documents.

9. If any one of the forms has not been completed correctly, NatLaw will email you within one business day identifying the problem.  Upon correction of this problem, NatLaw will proceed with entering your form information into the RUG system within two business days from the receipt of your corrected documents.

10. Upon entering your information into the RUG, the RUG system will generate an automatic confirmation. NatLaw will email you a PDF copy of this confirmation immediately after it is received by NatLaw.