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On June 10, 2015 NatLaw's Research Attorney Isis Isunza traveled to Madrid to participate in the first session of the “Seminar on the Future of Security Interest in Spain” (Seminario sobre el Futuro de las Garantías Mobiliarias en España). Isis Isunza participated as a speaker in the seminar and her presentation explained the differences between notice-filing registries and traditional or paper based registry systems. To read more about her involvement and to view her presentation, click to see the full post.

Arizona Daily Star's recently featured a write-up on NatLaw's newly launched RUG E-Submit Services. The article was written by Star Business Writer Luis F. Carrasco and includes input from NatLaw's Isis Isunza and Elizabeth Pocock about the new services and their uses within the Tucson and border community. Click to view this full post for the direct link.

These services can be used by anyone who contemplates extending credit to Mexican borrowers or foreign borrowers with assets located in Mexico (and their legal representatives or agents) to file an initial registration, modification, cancellation or extension forms relating to a security interest (garantía mobiliaria) in the Registro Único de Garantías Mobiliarias of Mexico (RUG).

NatLaw Senior Research Attorney Marek Dubovec, with the support of the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group, traveled to Liberia in early May to conduct a training for Liberian bankers on the use of the new registry and the associated legal structure, giving a presentation entitled the “Enforcement of Security Interests: Rights of Creditors and Debtors.”  While there, the L

NatLaw Research Attorney and Development Coordinator Elizabeth Pocock attended the Conference on Secured Transactions Reforms in Latin America and the Caribbean hosted by the International Finance Corporation in collaboration with the Institute of the Americas and the Government of Costa Rica.

NatLaw Senior Research Attorney Marek Dubovec, with the support of the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group, visited Liberia last month to assist the Central Bank of Liberia and various stakeholders in the review of a new secured transactions system and Collateral Registry that is scheduled to launch before Summer 2014.  Pictured here is Marek’s visit to a microfinance inst

NatLaw president Boris Kozolchyk was featured in the September 23, 2013 edition of the Latin American Dialogue’s Latin American Advisor.  Boris’ comments were in response to the editions featured Q & A section and appeared alongside comments from two other international experts.

On July 16, 2013, the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law adopted the UNCITRAL Registry Guide to supplement the UNCITRAL Legislative Guide on Secured Transactions.

In early June, Malawi adopted a new secured transactions law – the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA).   NatLaw acted as a consultant to this law and was retained by the IFC to assist in the drafting of the law.  NatLaw will also provide support with the law’s implementation, including the design and establishment of a registry of security interests.

In April 2013, NatLaw Senior Research Attorney and Project Director Marek Dubovec’s article “Reforming Secured Transactions Laws in Africa: The First African Collateral Registry In Ghana” was published in the Uniform Commercial Code Law Journal.  Dubovec co-authored this article with Benjamin Osei-Tutu, Legal Officer at the Legal Department of the Central Bank of Ghana.


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